Site is Moving

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The site might go offline for a week or two as I look for a new hosting solution.

I made a local copy of the site so that nothing will be lost. I'll probably switch from the current traditional host, Siteground , to a cloud-based solution like Google Cloud + Cloudflare DNS. It will cost less , give me more control , scale better , and make it easier to automate as Cloudflare has an excellent API.

To give you an idea , my current hosting package is around $25 / month which is a lot for such a small site. Google Cloud will be around $5/ year based on current estimates . it will be probably be more when I'm done loading to on security/automation services , but it's a much better base price .

Watch the mailing list for updates and the site gets a new home and most likely a new coat of paint. I learned how to move wordpress data around between sites , so I can play with site design and features workout worrying about breaking the customer experience. 

My TODO LIst to Move the Site

  • I'm using a Centos 7 Virtual Machine for the local copy of my wordpress site.

  • I found the instructions to install phpmyadmin, and that worked great.

  • The default php version was too old, (5 vs 7.1 my site was using ) , so I have to find instructions on how to upgrade php.

  • Next up, I want to find a hosting solution for less than the $25 / month siteground was charging me.

  • I've found some vids on hosting wordpress in Google cloud for $5 / year , but I haven't researched it enough to know if that will work .

  • I was in a bit of a hurry to make a local copy of my site since my hosting subscription expires in a few days.

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