Our Stance

Gears of Geek believes in sharing information freely for the the betterment of all, being strongly influenced by the “lifts all boats” philosophy. This site is complete financed by Major Gear to provide an avenue to share knowledge, express opinion, and help fellow geeks navigate the ever changing field of Information Technology.

That said, it does cost money to keep the lights on and the servers running. To this end there will be times when we’ll include affiliate links to products, offer to sell our own products , and offer our own services . Content containing sponsored products is not on the roadmap at this time. If that changes we’d note that here and on any piece of content that could be considered ‘sponsored’. Whether that be direct or in-direct compensation for mentioning a product, we would state it explicitly and clearly before and after the content.

Let make sure the different type of relationships are clear

Sponsorship - Blogger is compensated for mentioning a product or linking to a product regardless as to how readers react. Affiliate - Blogger is compensated if and only iff readers follow a link AND make a purchase. Usually within a specified time frame. For example, an Amazon affiliate link click is good for 24 hours and then stops working.

Here is the breakdown of our standards

  • Does accept payment to share a deal, discount code, giveaway, press release or similar at times.
  • WILL NOT accept payment to positively promote a product.
  • Does accept free product in exchange for an open and honest review.
  • Does apply high ethical standards when accepting a paid or non paid opportunity.
  • WILL NOT be paid to be quiet, push sales nor anything that is unethical.
  • Does link to this disclosure policy within a blog post that may be sponsored by payment, product or similar.
  • Does have affiliations with numerous products and companies through Amazon, Siteground, Trello and similar sites.
  • DOES NOT disclose when said affiliate links are used and DOES include at least one affiliate link within every blog post.

And there you have it.

Finally, I, Major Gear, personally want you to know that there will never be any pressure on you to make a purchase or click on a link. While I appreciate support for the site, this Site is something I’ve wanted to make happen for a very long time. Regardless of financial compensation, I’m going to make it happen.


- Major Gear