Community Code of Conduct

Maintaining an open and thriving commenting community is an important part of the work we do here at . We review and recommend products for you, our readers, so it’s essential that we pay attention to what you have to say about our work in order to ensure that our picks and our advice are truly serving your needs.

To keep our commenting sections welcoming, inclusive, and useful, we ask that you post in accordance with our commenting guidelines and moderation policy.

Commenting guidelines

Who we want to hear from

We want to hear from anyone who has thoughts on the products and topics we cover in our reviews and blog posts.

What we want to hear about

If you’ve used one of the products we’ve covered and have an opinion on it, share it. If you were hoping to find coverage of a product or category you don’t see, suggest it. If you think we’ve made a mistake or ought to rethink something, tell us. If you just really, really love a certain product or topic and want to talk about it, nerd out. If you have a question about something we’ve written or still aren’t sure what to get, ask away.

Our expectations for our commenters

We expect you to approach conversations in good faith and your fellow commenters with goodwill and the benefit of the doubt. We ask that you extend these same considerations to our work and the writers responsible for it. We expect you to abide by the moderation policy laid out below and to be custodians of the community. If you suspect that a comment is in violation of the moderation policy, flag it, and we’ll review it. If you think someone has made a great point, upvote their comment and tell them so.

What our commenters can expect from us

We promise to read every comment that comes in and to make a genuine effort to participate in as many conversations as we can. Although we can’t always reply, we promise to make sure that your feedback and questions get seen by our writers and editors. We promise to actively moderate our comments in accordance with the policy below to ensure that conversations are welcoming and helpful.

Moderation policy

Comments on are actively moderated by the community team. We believe in transparency, and we will never remove comments solely for expressions of criticism or dissenting opinions. However, we do have some rules, the violation of which will result in the removal of your comments and/or the banning of your account to prevent future posting. These actions are taken at the discretion of the community team; when in doubt, the team will err on the side of maintaining the health and integrity of our commenting sections. If you think your comments have been removed in error or your account has been banned unfairly or mistakenly, please reach out to us using our contact form. Mistakes do happen—neither our spam filter nor our moderators are perfect.

These things will get your comments deleted and/or your account banned

  • Personal attacks
  • Discriminatory language
  • Inflammatory language
  • Spam posts (including self-promotion, posting of affiliated or referral links, astroturfing, and PR pitches)

Red flags: These things won’t necessarily get your comments deleted or your account banned, but they will put us on alert and have us checking to see if we do need to take action.

  • Profanity in comments and usernames: We get it—profanity has its place in conversation. Don’t use it to attack, discriminate, or intimidate, and it’ll be just fine.
  • Brand accounts: Brand accounts providing genuinely helpful responses to readers who are discussing the brand’s products are welcome. Brand accounts posting for the purposes of promotion are not.
  • Posting sprees: Posting 20 comments in an hour will have us checking to see if you might be a troll or spammer.
  • Monopolizing conversation: If you’re replying to every comment in a given section with helpful info and a good attitude, carry on. If you’re stunting conversation and shutting down other perspectives, we’ll see you out.

We aim to take a light touch with post-update moderation. We remove only those comments that we genuinely think could cause confusion.