Why Gears of Geek?

  • Solve Personal Finance Problems
  • Learn programming languages, techniques, and tools to use in your own projects
  • Learn how to build, secure, and manage your home network.
  • Pay it forward - Share your experience with junior geeks to help them overcome obstacles.
  • Access free and paid products and services as they become available.
  • While we aren’t looking for members now, in the future you may be able to join the Gears of Geek team to help improve this site.

About the Site

Gears of Geek is a place for fellow geeks to learn useful information, interact with fellow geeks, and to find useful tools. The focus is use technology to hack life. Here you can learn about programming languages such as Python and Javascript. You can learn about tools and techniques to hack personal finance such as YNAB and Mint. You can even pick up ways to manage tasks such as GTD, Kanban boards, Scrum. Alongside these methods we'll dive into using tools such Omnifocus, Trello, and Jira.

You'll be able to interact with fellow geeks using the (future) forums and (future) Slack sessions to ask questions and share ideas.

The Site’s History

The Gears of Geek site was originally created in Oct 23, 2016 to establish a place for geeks to learn, share information, and  interact with community of fellow-minded geeks. It was put in hold in 2017 as I went adventuring from Denver, CO to Seattle, WA and back to learn about AI, home assistants ( aka smart speakers ), and large scale micro-service oriented architecture. Starting Jan 2018, I'm recovering old content, and adding new content and features at a rapid pace so that Gears of Geek can achieve it's goals.

The Founder, Major Gear

Major Gear and Master Chief look to the future
Major Gear and Master Chief look to the future

The founder, editor, and currently sole writer for the Gears of Geek blog, Major Gear has a broad background in electronics, system administration, and software engineering.

A geek through and through, he loves solving life’s problems through the creative use of technology. When he isn't trolling application logs  and cranking out code, he can be found carving power in the mountain, slaying dragons in Skyrim, or behind the decks mixing tracks for his ( admittedly ) small audience.